What is an Employment Social Enterprise (ESE)?

Have you ever wondered how companies can be profitable while also making a huge difference in their communities? That’s where the concept of Employment Social Enterprises (ESEs) comes into play, and it’s changing the way businesses operate for the better.

Breaking Down ESEs for the Curious Minds

In simple terms, an Employment Social Enterprise (ESE) is a unique kind of business. Instead of just focusing on making profits, an ESE aims to solve community challenges – like unemployment or underemployment. They create job opportunities, especially for those who might find it tough to get a good job due to various barriers.

Neighbor Moving’s Role as an ESE

In 2015, with the intention to make a bigger impact, Neighbor Moving was born as an ESE, alongside its siblings: Neighbor Cleaning and Neighbor Lawn Care. This initiative meant more than just business; it symbolized a commitment to the Raleigh community.

Neighbor Moving, specifically, offers top-tier moving services while making a significant difference. By choosing Neighbor Moving for your relocation needs, not only do you get a seamless moving experience, but you also contribute to a cause – ensuring that folks in our community have access to living-wage employment.

Every single employee at Neighbor Moving starts at an impressive $19/hr, irrespective of their background or prior experience. Plus, there’s an added benefit: all employees get access to supportive services through N2N, ensuring they have all they need to thrive in their roles.

Why Should You Care?

Supporting an ESE like Neighbor Moving means you’re doing more than just paying for a service. Your money helps provide and sustain living-wage jobs for those who need them most. And guess what? This doesn’t cost you a penny more than usual. It’s the definition of a win-win situation: you receive top-notch moving services, and you actively contribute to improving the community.

So, when you’re thinking about your next move in Raleigh, consider choosing Neighbor Moving. Experience excellence in service and be part of a change that uplifts the entire community.